Becom­ing a mem­ber of the Asso­ci­a­tion for Ara­bic and Islamic Law

Our asso­ci­a­tion is open to any per­son inter­ested in the legal sys­tem of the Islamic law and the law of Ara­bic coun­tries either dur­ing their stud­ies or due to their work or in any other way. More­over, legal enti­ties are allowed to become mem­bers of our association.

The arti­cles are also avail­able in PDF. To down­load the Acro­bat Reader click here

Mem­ber­ship fees

The annual mem­ber­ship fee is 60 €.
Stu­dents pay a reduced fee of 20 € a year. (Please attach a doc­u­ment to your acces­sion state­ment that proves this status.)

In case you would like to join the GAIR, please print the acces­sion state­ment form, sign it and send it to the sec­re­tariat of the Association.

Acces­sion state­ment form / Debit trans­fer form (PDF)